In accordance with the ECB Torrisholme CC uphold the following guidelines in reference to Social Media in-particular our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

I. The Club will not tolerate members or supports making false representations about themselves, the Club or any other Club associated
organisations or stakeholders including sponsors, League representatives, officials and members of the public.

•Whilst using social media, should you choose to be honest about who you are and who you work for, remember to be careful about disclosing information about the club that is not already in the public domain or any other personal information.

•Respect the confidentiality of the clubs members and supporters.

•Do not post other people’s materials without getting permission.

II. The following information related to the Club should not be disclosed through social media platforms or anywhere in the
  digital environment.

•Commercially confidential information including details of company or brand financial performance not in the public domain

•Business strategy, intellectual property, plans for innovation

•Trade secrets, including those of competitors

•Current legal proceedings

•Personal information (anyone’s, not just yours)

•Anything that may bring the Club into disrepute

III. In addition to the guidelines included in the Club Code of Conduct, the following are general points to consider
  when communicating online:

•Be respectful of other people. Consider how you might be perceived by strangers as a representative for or ambassador of the Club. Be aware that your post can be read by anyone.

•Don’t write things that you wouldn’t be prepared to say in person or see printed in a daily newspaper.  Be mindful of posting photographs or comments that may damage your own reputation in addition to that of the Club.

•Exercise judgement in deciding with which stakeholders including peers,  league contacts, official figures and members of the public are appropriate to engage.

If you seek any further information or advice about communicating using social media please contact

Mark Drinkall (